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Nioi is the perfect example of how a new found passion can bloom into a successful business. It all started with a affection for candles, diffusers and aromas, the biggest push was relocating from the Blue Mountains to South West Rocks leaving my full time job and working part time to focus and grow Nioi. I had always been fascinated by the power of smell and what emotions and memories that it unlocks, I wanted to create a product that would not only make your spaces smell amazing, but also bring about a positive change in people's lives. And so, Nioi was born. 

The journey to bring Nioi to life was exciting and also scary. We have spent 12  months researching different scents and testing out different blends. We wanted to create a range of products that would cater to different moods and occasions. After much experimentation, we finally settled on a range of scents that spoke to us, this will continue to adapt and change while the company grows, we will start to create and develop our own blends when the time is right. 

We have also spent a lot of time perfecting the packaging and branding of Nioi. We wanted the products to not only look great, but also be able to be reused where ever possible, This could be from a simple pen holder through to reusing it to hold our Lava rock diffusers. The result was a range of sleek, minimalist products with the intention of all the items being able to be reused and not thrown away.

Today, Nioi's products are sold online and sent across the country. With a clear vision and a lot of hard work the company will continue to grow and thrive. 


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